Our Story

Here at The Lancaster Company we’re a mother & son team, living and working out of beautiful rural Herefordshire. We started the company over 3 years ago now, but our passion for interior decoration goes back many years before that.

Despite being surrounded by traditional countryside homes, farms and cottages, we’ve long held the belief that a healthy mixture of different styles of furniture & homeware can work in any home, provide charm and character, and elevate your surroundings.

Our passion for all things vintage was borne out of our love for cooking, eating and drinking, and the items that help us do just that. From cutlery to cocktail shakers, tongs to table cloths, we’ve always been fascinated by the design, and peculiar beauty, of these everyday ‘functional’ items. Cutlery, glass and silverware were made to be used - not kept for ‘best’. Why can’t we use the ‘best’ everyday?

We started to expand into furniture in early 2019. What began as an acute interest soon ballooned into obsessively curating items from many different decades and backgrounds, with some of our standout pieces being from the always popular mid-century period. We’re drawn to the geometric lines, superb materials and the commitment to functionality of this iconic era of design.

If we had to pick one favourite item of homeware, it’d be a good traditionally made Welsh blanket! Folded at the end of the bed, or used as a hardy outdoor blanket for huddling around the fire pit. These are complimented beautifully by one of our English Leather Blanket Straps, hand made for us just across the border in Wales.

We believe furniture & homeware provide a fascinating springboard for considering, and maybe even learning about, social history and bygone cultures, all whilst bringing a charming flavour of a past era into our everyday lives. We hope you’ll love our collection of furniture & homeware as much as we do.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who that is in our company logo - it’s our dog Pinky. Wearing glasses and a turtle neck jumper, because, why not…?

George & Annie

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